European Footballers Kick In to Support their Organizations

ESPN and other outlets are reporting this morning that the soccer players of FC Barcelona, including megastar Lionel Messi, have agreed to take a 70% pay cut for the duration of the pandemic so that the rest of the organization’s staff can continue to receive 100% of their wages. This is no small sacrifice. Just the first-team players on Barcelona make $500 million per year combined.

In a statement, Messi, the team’s captain, indicated that the footballers will make additional contributions as needed.

“Beyond the reduction of 70% of our salaries during the state of alarm, we are also going to make further contribution to ensure that the employees can continue to be paid 100% of their salaries for as long as this situation lasts…”

Lionel Messi

It has also been reported that other football clubs in Europe are making similar sacrifices:

  • Players on Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, German professional teams, will forego significant portions of their salaries;

  • Players on Juventus, based in Turin, Italy, will forego their salaries for four months, amounting to $100 million.
FC Barcelona

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