Cheers for Captain Crozier

Raucous Farewell for US Aircraft Carrier Commander Who Sounded COVID-19 Alarm

On March 30, US Navy Captain Brett Crozier wrote and distributed a letter describing the deteriorating COVID-19 situation aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The letter went to 20 to 30 senior Navy officials. As of Thursday, over 100 sailors aboard the ship had tested positive for the disease. Crozier expressed concerns about the accelerating spread of the virus and the potential for serious illness and death among the nearly 5000 crew members. He cited the close living quarters and an inability to properly quarantine sick individuals.

View the full text of the leaked letter in the image gallery at the bottom of this post. It was first posted by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Crozier was promptly fired by the US Navy. On Thursday, acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly announced the action, criticizing Crozier for extremely poor judgment and an inability to act professionally during the crisis. President Trump indicated his support for Modly’s decision.

Apparently, this decision did not sit well with the crew of the Roosevelt. Video has emerged showing throngs of sailors chanting and cheering for Captain Crozier as he disembarked in Guam. The remarkable footage can be viewed below:

Cheers for Captain Crozier

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