Quarantine Weddings

Nothing Can Keep Us Apart! A Compilation Of Quarantine Weddings

Unfortunate couples around the world have been forced to cancel or postpone their nuptials due to the coronavirus and related government-mandated lockdowns. However, many of the betrothed have found a way to rise above the situation and ceremoniously tie the knot. Here is a selection of heartwarming wedding stories from the past month.


Filmmaker Dan Mace and fiancée Gabi Esterhuizen were supposed to be married in March. The event was canceled, and to make matters worse, Mace was diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from a trip to the US. Fortunately he recovered and was able to stage a sweet and humorous faux-wedding for Gabi. This one is epic. Watch below.


In its recent feature, Brides.com highlights a variety of couples of have managed to make due during this trying time. Miguel Delgado and Johana Patricia exchanged vows during “a flash ceremony on a random, public access cliffside.” The couple live-streamed the ceremony for their loved ones.


Along with Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, Hong Kong has been heralded for its early efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. To date, the special administrative region of China with a population of 7.5 million people has had only 936 confirmed cases and 4 deaths. By comparison, New York City, with 8.6 million people, has confirmed nearly 69,000 COVID-19 cases and over 2,700 deaths.

Hong Kong’s social distancing and immigration regulations at this time are strict, but life has gone on for some fortunate residents. Here is a photo from a recent ceremony in the city (credit: Anthony Kwan).


A week after the implementation of a shelter-in-place order, Lisa Kabouridis and Graeme Blackett tied the knot in their living room. The only in-person guests were Lisa’s two sons. However, two dozen other guests attended via a Zoom video conference. The Verge reports on the virtual ceremony trend, which can be explored with the hashtag #ZoomWeddings.

A Zoom Web Conference Screen


Jen Andonian, a project manager in the Center for Disaster Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), married Matt Shearer, a senior analyst at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The couple managed to wed despite weeks of working tirelessly as part of the national COVID-19 response. The ceremony was witnessed by a handful of socially-distanced members of the MGH Hospital Incident Command System team. Watch below:

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