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Children All Over The World Are Coronavirus Heroes

During the pandemic, the press (rightfully so) has called attention to the many major contributions that celebrities and business leaders have made to coronavirus response efforts. ELEVATION has already reported on massive charitable donations made by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, pop goddess Rihanna, and country music legend Dolly Parton, among others.

However we must not forget the legions of unsung heroes who are doing all they can to help the most vulnerable citizens at this time. In particular, many young children in all corners of the globe have stepped up, worked hard, and made meaningful contributions to their societies. Below is just a small selection of youngsters who are making a difference and inspiring the world.

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Danbury, Connecticut – USA

10-year old Chelsea Phaire launched “Chelsea’s Charity” on her birthday last August. Her mission is to provide art supplies to struggling children and families around the United States. And, since the start of the pandemic, Chelsea has redoubled her efforts, delivering over 1,500 “art kits” to homeless shelters, foster care homes, women’s shelters, and schools impacted by gun violence. The kits consist of markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens. Support this wonderful girl at Chelsea’s Charity.

Southend – England

Jimmy-Dean Hudson is determined the provide household essentials to those who need it most. In March, the 7-year-old used his piggy bank money to purchase dozens of rolls of toilet paper. He then walked around town (with his mum) knocking on doors to see if anyone was in need of the scarce item. Numerous residents, especially homebound seniors were extremely grateful for Jimmy-Dean’s efforts. He now plans to deliver milk and bread in the same way.

Mumbai – India

A toddler has donated Rs 50,000 (approximately $661) to the Mumbai Police Foundation. This spring, 3-year-old Kabeer began baking cupcakes and selling them to raise money for charity. Watch him in action below.

Portland, Oregon – USA

During his first seven years of existence, young Wesley Malokas saved up $500 in allowance money. This month, he decided to donate the whole amount to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that builds homes for people in need around the world. Wesley’s parents matched his donation, which was then matched again by a local business.

Kofu – Japan

Concerned about the worldwide shortage of medical supplies, 13-year-old Hime Takimoto decided to take action. She traded the otoshidama (New Year’s gift money) she received for craft materials and began sewing. In late March she delivered 612 handmade face masks to the governor of Yamanashi prefecture, who in turn contributed the masks to facilities that care for children and the elderly. Each mask comes with a note that reads, “I’d be happy if this could be of use to you.”

Clinton, Tennessee – USA

Youngster Harrison Hughes recently created a comic book that he is selling for charity. The book, entitled Corona, features a character with superpowers who can create a force field to protect people who are staying at home during the pandemic. As of last week, Harrison had generated $595 in sales. He donated the money to a nursing home in Asiago, a small mountain town in hard-hit northern Italy. Harrison’s uncle got married there last year. Want to pitch in by purchasing a digital copy of Corona? Email Harrison’s mom at

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