Some Mid-Covid Travel Ideas


While COVID-19 remains a serious public health concern around the world, some countries are starting to reopen their borders to foreign travelers, even Americans. Just weeks ago, a U.S. passport was about as valuable a document as a square of toilet paper marked with crayon. Today, however, there is a glimmer of hope. Although we are certainly not out of the woods, and although the pandemic could worsen in the fall and winter, now feels like an appropriate time to begin at least fantasizing about the prospect of international travel.

Below ELEVATION has aggregated some of the most worthwhile recent reporting from top travel sites. If you can’t pull the trigger on any of these ideas, then, hopefully, you can while away your quarantine with a good bit of daydreaming.

“10 private tours perfect for social distancing”

Because more traditional group tourism options are not feasible during the pandemic, operators offering bespoke intimate experiences have become more popular. Lonely Planet has pulled together a list of unique private excursions available to world travelers. These include:

  • A multicultural food walk through Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • A wine tasting excursion in Perth, Australia
  • A tour of the lesser known attractions of Mumbai, India
  • An exploration picturesque Porto, Portugal
gray and maroon concrete building
The Taj Palace Hotel, Mumbai. Photo by Arju Babu on

“10 of the Best Drive-In Movie Theaters Around the Country”

Packing into a cineplex; climbing over random people to get to your seat; sharing a big tub of popcorn. In the world of coronavirus, traditional moviegoing is not a viable option for most people. However, taking in a flick from the confines of your private vehicle is certainly doable. Fodor’s has identified some of the coolest drive-in movie experiences from around the USA, including:

  • Sunset Drive-In – Colchester, Vermont
  • Coyote Drive-In – Fort Worth, Texas
  • 99W Drive-in – Newberg, Oregon
  • Admiral Twin Drive-In Theatre – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Where can Americans travel right now?”

Got the bug? Desperate for an international excursion? Afar has compiled a list of a few dozen countries (as of today) that are currently open to American passports. While many major destinations in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia are not represented here, there are some intriguing options, including:

  • Aruba: requires a negative PCR test from residents of certain US states.
  • Croatia: has disregarded the EU guidance on prohibiting US travelers.
  • Egypt: requires a negative COVID test prior to entry.
  • Ireland: requires 14-days self-isolation for all visitors.
  • Kenya: requires a negative COVID test prior to entry.
  • Turkey: requires thermal screening upon arrival.
nature africa wildlife kenya
Lion cubs in Kenya – Photo by Irina Anastasiu on


To bring it home, ELEVATION draws your attention to Conde Nast Traveller’s curation of twenty-one exceptional destinations for the twenty-first year of the millennium. The magazine says that it utilized the pandemic slowdown as an opportunity to take a more thoughtful approach to their recommendations for next year. The writers and editors have considered input from “the surfers, the architecture buffs and the foodies” among others, and they have contemplated how the events of 2020 will continue to impact the world in the coming year. Their final list includes some of the gems below:

  • PULAU MERAH, JAVA, INDONESIA: a beachy, low-key surf haven
  • GUYANA: an intimate South American destination with a focus on indigenous-led conservation
  • EAST AND WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND: a charming arts enclave near the sea
  • ACCRA, GHANA: an energetic city staking its place in the arts and design world
A waterfall in Guyana

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