Modeling COVID-19 Outcomes in Each State of the USA

A team of esteemed data scientists, engineers, and designers have created the The website projects project how hospital systems in each state will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The group has collaborated with with epidemiologists, public health officials, and political leaders.

The models presented on the website consider different public response levels to the crisis: 1) no action, 2) 3 months of social distancing, 3) 3 months of shelter-in-place, 4) 3 months of Wuhan-style lockdown. The projections demonstrate the high stakes of imminent policy decisions regarding the pandemic.

Below is the model for the state of Illinois, along with a table of related infection and mortality data.

To view the model for COVID-19 outcomes for your state, or any other, click HERE.

Covid-19 Outcomes Graph

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