April Fools Round-Up

April Fools Round-Up!

Certainly, now is a time to tread lightly – very, very lightly – as we roll out our annual April Fools pranks. And there will surely be some tone-deaf missteps along the way. However, a handful of companies, entertainers, and proper citizens have figured out how to do it just right in the time of coronavirus. Enjoy!

The Mumbai Police have offered a special April Fools public service announcement:

Virgin Australia: The airline is “rescuing” toilet paper rolls from 125 of its grounded airplanes and its warehouse and distributing them to needy communities who are facing a shortage of the bathroom essential. Kleenex has agreed to match Virgin Australia’s donations.

Seemore Meats & Veggies: The Brooklyn-based artisanal sausage company announced the release of canned cocktail-flavored weenies including the Tequila Sunrise Sausage and the Pineapple Daquiri Sausage.

Twitter user Clare Manion shared a quirky prank her brother devised:

RoboForm: The online password management company has launched BarkPass, a password manager for dogs:

Jimmy Kimmel: The American late-night talk show host offered a variety of ways to torment your quarantine mates, friends and loved ones during the lockdown. These include:

  • Texting random friends, “I’m outside your house” when, in fact, you are not.
  • Canceling Netflix with the explanation that you want to bring your family closer together.
  • Boiling a roll of toilet paper to disinfect it.

Navigate to 9:45 in the video below.

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